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Excellis Interactive’s Brand Evolution: Aligning Expertise with Innovation

Excellis Interactive began with the push of a button.

Excellis started its journey as an IT consulting firm, a team of experts dedicated to crafting user-friendly solutions within the SAP ecosystem. Back in 2005, we were innovators, streamlining complex enterprise applications for optimal user experience. The analogy of a hybrid engine perfectly captured the essence of Excellis' approach – our UX-focused consultative services partnered with our clients’ expertise.

This pioneering spirit led to the creation of CUE (Complete UI Extensions), initially envisioned as an accelerator for SAP Hybris, providing a powerful tool to bridge functionality gaps and enhance user experiences not available out of the box.

However, Excellis, still a company of innovators, has continually evolved to best meet our clients' needs. CUE transformed into a standalone user-friendly B2B ecommerce platform, reflecting the changing landscape of business operations. While CUE had its own established brand identity, it remained separate from Excellis.


Unifying Strengths

This rebrand signifies a strategic shift for Excellis, kicking off with the debut of our newly redesigned website, merging our property with This provides:
  • Unified Experience:  A single, streamlined website that showcases both Excellis' consulting services and the CUE product suite and how they go hand-in-hand. This enhanced user experience emphasizes the company's unique, comprehensive approach.
  • Cohesive Branding:  Excellis' consulting services now aligns with CUE's established brand, creating a unified visual identity that reflects the company's expertise across all aspects of our business.
  • Future-Proof Identity: This rebrand reflects our core values: forward-thinking, outcome-driven, and user-focused and provides flexibility for future growth as the CUE product suite expands.


The Synergy Advantage

Still similar to a hybrid car, Excellis combines the power of consulting expertise with innovative CUE software solutions to create a powerful engine for success.

But this rebrand underscores the three-layer approach Excellis now offers:
  • Consulting Expertise: The proven consulting experience of Excellis remains a core pillar.
  • CUE Product Suite: Innovative software solutions that empower businesses to scale quicker, optimize faster, and minimize risk and costly downtime.
  • Client Expertise: Collaborating with client knowledge leads to exceptional outcomes.

This three-layered approach delivers a significant advantage, propelling businesses further than any single element alone.


Beyond Visual Identity

While the rebrand includes a visual refresh, it goes beyond just a logo change. It's about creating a unified brand experience that reflects Excellis' commitment to partnering with our clients for success. CUE, a testament to Excellis' innovative spirit, now becomes the cornerstone of this new brand identity.

We build long-term relationships with our clients. Let’s get ours started.

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