Ecommerce ERP Software Simplified for Discrete Manufacturers

Your manufacturing needs aren’t complicated. Your ERP software shouldn’t be either. CUE Enterprise is comprehensive without the complexity, providing back-office fundamentals specifically tailored for the needs of discrete manufacturers.

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Take Complete Control Over Your Operations

CUE Enterprise offers a comprehensive suite of features, from inventory management to production planning, designed to empower your business with real-time visibility and valuable data for informed decision making.

Production Planning:
Materials Management:
Inventory Management:
Manufacturing Reports:
Screenshot of CUE Enterprise Manufacturing calendar planner.

Simplify Tasks, Save Time

With its cloud-based architecture and affordable pricing, CUE Enterprise empowers your business to streamline operations, gain better visibility, and achieve your production goals.

Improve Efficiency

Streamline workflows, optimize production planning, and gain real-time visibility into operations.

Enhance Control

Control access to materials, track goods movement, and ensure quality throughout the production process.


The solution scales with your business as your needs evolve.


Cost-effective solution compared to complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Why Run CUE Enterprise?

If you’re:

A discrete manufacturer that produces and manages physical inventory.
A small to medium-size business seeking a cost-effective and user-friendly ERP system.
An existing CUE Commerce customer looking for a simple ERP solution.
Female business owner in her store talking on the phone while browsing her laptop.
Then you want to test drive the comprehensive ERP solution tailored for your unique business needs. CUE Enterprise offers robust functionality without the unnecessary bulk along with:
User-friendly interfaces
Cloud-based architecture allowing scalability, affordability, and ease of implementation.
Seamless integration with CUE Commerce, creating a centralized platform for managing your entire operation.
A strategic partner with decades of enterprise experience backing your business – from conception to implementation, and beyond.

Seamlessly Integrate with your existing ERP, CRM, SCM or EDI Systems

CUE Enterprise brings your master data, existing technology and external APIs into one secure, headless solution.
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An Expertly Executed Experience in the Enterprise without the Exorbitant Cost

CUE Enterprise pricing is based around your unique business requirements.
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Enterprise Excellence is at the Heart of CUE Enterprise

CUE Enterprise is the culmination of 20+ years of usability and enterprise experts overcoming the technical challenges for some of the biggest B2B businesses in their industries, including designing and developing custom ERP solutions for the unique needs of B2B businesses. So Excellis Interactive created a comprehensive back-office platform to provide SMBs and discrete manufacturers a powerful ERP - without the complexity - right out of the box.

And along with an ERP solution that can support your ever-changing business, you also get a consulting partner that works along with you. Because your success is our success.

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