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Streamline & Scale from Warehouse to Logistics

Distributors keep the wheels of commerce turning, sourcing products, managing multiple locations of inventory, and ensuring timely deliveries. But cumbersome management processes can derail your productivity – costing valuable time and money (and possibly even customers). Keep your operations running smoothly (and your clients delighted) through the centralized digital platform that can optimize your operations – from ordering to fulfillment – boosting efficiencies and savings.

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Digitize Your Distribution Operations

CUE Enterprise offers the back-office fundamentals your business needs, simplifying warehouse management and order fulfillment without the complexities of 3PL solutions.

Streamlined Inventory Management:  Gain complete visibility into inventory levels across multiple warehouses and suppliers. CUE Enterprise track parts and asset inventory levels in real-time, preventing stockouts and optimizing stock allocation.
Automated Order Fulfillment: Pick, pack, and ship efficiently. CUE Enterprise automates order processing and fulfillment workflows, speeding up delivery times.
Seamless Logistics Integration: Generate shipping labels, negotiate preferred shipping rates, and streamline the fulfillment process directly from CUE Enterprise.
Data-Driven Decision Making:  Generate insightful reports to analyze trends, optimize pricing strategies, and identify areas for cost reduction.
Warehouse Management:  CUE Enterprise provides a centralized view across all your locations. Conduct efficient stocktakes, company-wide or by location, whenever needed, and streamline cycle counts, inventory transfers, or the scrapping of damaged goods.
Compliance & Security: Ensure adherence to industry regulations, like SoC 2, HIPAA, or cGMP, and protect sensitive data with CUE’s robust security features.
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Propel Your Distribution Business to New Heights

The CUE Commerce ordering platform goes beyond just streamlining operations. It opens doors to new ordering and customer relationship building opportunities.

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Personalized Ordering Portal: CUE Commerce provides a personalized experience to your customers with product offerings, recommendations and promotions based on their needs and preferences at the user-level.
Enhanced Customer Self-Service:  Empower your clients with a self-service portal powered by CUE Commerce. They can access real-time inventory data, order history, invoices, and even initiate quotes, eliminating clunky manual processes and reducing errors for both you and your customers.
Complex Quoting Made Easy: CUE Commerce simplifies complex quoting with tiered pricing, discounts, and volume adjustments generated automatically.
Simplified Product Information Management (PIM): Centralize and optimize product data, including specs, images, and availability in catalogs custom at the customer-level.
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