Transparency and Controls at Your Customer’s Fingertips

CUE Commerce puts your customers in the driver's seat with a 24/7 self-service solution. Customers have a centralized hub where they can see and manage everything related to your business. And because CUE Commerce integrates all of your existing systems into one simple platform, it also provides reliable, real-time information.

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Everything at a Glance

CUE Commerce provides a 360-degree view of users’ orders, allowing them to track every step of the buying process, from placement to fulfillment. CUE gives users complete visibility, eliminating the need for order and account-related customer service calls.

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Angled and blurred image of a b2b commerce user searching for a product on their iPhone.

Seamless System Integrations

CUE Commerce unifies your data into a single platform, offering a real-time view of the most current information through:

Shipping Integrations: Provide real-time shipment tracking information within the platform.
Inventory Management Systems (IMS): Offer accurate product availability for a frustration-free shopping experience.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Allow customers to access their order history and past interactions.
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Screenshot of a CUE Ordering user interface.

Say Hello to Customer Satisfaction

Empower your customers and free up your valuable customer service resources. Let CUE Commerce take care of the routine inquiries, allowing your business to focus on more complex issues and building stronger customer relationships.

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