The Power of Identity Management

Imagine a platform that not only safeguards your B2B commerce ecosystem but also unlocks a whole new level of user experience. That's the magic of CUE Commerce’s identity management (IDM) system.

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Your Personalized B2B Gateway

Think of IDM as the digital passport for your customers. It goes beyond simple security to fuel personalization throughout the user journey. Here's how:

Tailored Experiences: IDM gathers key user information like role, permissions, and purchase history. This data is then leveraged to create highly personalized experiences, from product catalogs and promotions to personalized buying journeys.
Seamless Onboarding: Streamline customer onboarding with rapid registration through IDM. This reduces friction and gets your customers up and running faster.
Security You Can Trust: IDM is the cornerstone of our platform's security. It ensures controlled access and maintains compliance with industry regulations like SOC or HIPAA, giving you and your users peace of mind.
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A woman looking at her iPhone which is displaying a security lock screen.

More Than Personalization - It's Power

IDM goes beyond basic personalization. It puts the power directly in your hands.

Screenshot of a CUE IDM user interface.
Customization Without Complexity: IDM grants you the ability to personalize the user experience without customization. Leverage user data to tailor catalogs, promotions, and order history visibility, creating a seamless experience for each customer.
Precise Control: IDM empowers you to define exactly what users see and do within the platform. This ensures a secure environment while also catering to specific user roles and permissions.
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The Engine Driving Your B2B Experience

From secure onboarding to personalized buying journeys, IDM is the invisible force driving CUE Commerce. It fosters a secure, personalized environment that empowers your customers and streamlines operations for you.

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