B2B Ecommerce Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharma sales can be complicated. Your ordering processes don’t have to be. Partner with the ecommerce experts who understand the unique needs of pharmaceutical companies - because Excellis Interactive has been helping leaders in the industry overcome business challenges with UX-focused digital solutions for over a decade.

Pharma Product Complexities Sorted

From storage requirements and expiration dates to doses and package sizes, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines have what seem like unlimited number of product options and details. When you tack on bulk pricing and multiple ship-to needs, it’s easy to see how overwhelming ordering can be.

CUE Commerce simplifies all that with easy-to-follow product detail pages, including MDS sheets, and custom catalogs with negotiated prices tied directly to your customers’ accounts. Customers see only what they need to see – from dosage to package size – on the B2B ecommerce platform that prioritizes simple ordering. CUE Commerce provides:

Optimal Ordering:  CUE Commerce offers a variety of ordering options based on your customers’ needs, including reordering, batch and lot ordering, buy it now (BIN) and scheduled orders.
Enhanced Security and Compliance: CUE Commerce ensures secure transactions with controlled access features and integrations with Controlled Substance Ordering Systems (CSOS) for specific drugs.
Improved Catalog Management: CUE Commerce offers a comprehensive online catalog with custom options for different customer groups, including contract pricing and product information sheets (MDS sheets).
Automated Order Processing:  Accelerate order processing, reduce errors, and offer real-time order tracking for both you and your customers.
Simplified Customer Onboarding & User Management:  Simplify user onboarding for new customers and allow for self-service account management. Furthermore, CUE Commerce empowers authorized personnel at hospitals and distributors to register and manage additional users within their customer accounts.
Flexible Payment Options:  CUE Commerce offers both invoicing and credit card payment options to cater to different customer preferences.
Enhanced Quality Control with Traceability: Ensure the highest quality standards with CUE Commerce's robust lot traceability features. In the event of a recall, you can quickly identify and isolate affected products, minimizing disruptions.
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Why Run CUE Commerce?

Beyond a modern buying experience crafted to support the unique needs of pharmaceutical companies, the CUE Commerce platform delivers a B2B ordering solution that:

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Enhances Customer Self Service: CUE Commerce provide self-service options for your customers to track orders, download invoices, and request quotes. And enhanced secure controlled access ensures only authorized personnel can place orders.
Integrates with Existing Systems: With its headless architecture, CUE Commerce integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP system for efficient data flow.
Increases Efficiency: Reduce manual tasks associated with order processing, reducing burden on your customer service and sales teams.
Improves Visibility: Real-time tracking adds transparency for your customers. Conversely, CUE Commerce offers valuable insights into customer behavior and buying patterns to support data-driven decisions for your business.
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