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Go beyond simply creating accounts. CUE Commerce provide a comprehensive onboarding experience that caters to the specific needs of your B2B customers, ensuring a smooth transition and a strong foundation for successful business-client relationships.

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A Flexible Onboarding Approach for Every Scenario

CUE Commerce offers a multi-faceted onboarding approach that caters to a variety of customer needs, including:

Self-Service Registration (Open Access): CUE Commerce facilitates rapid account creation with user-friendly registration forms similar to consumer platforms. 
Permission-Based Access (Controlled Access): When strict access controls are required, CUE Commerce ensures only authorized users can register and allows designated account administrators to approve within a customer's organization. 
Integrating Existing Customers (Existing Accounts): Master data synchronization effortlessly transfers account and user information for existing customers from your CRM or ERP system into CUE.
User Invitation and Management (User Management): Account administrators within your customer's organization can easily invite new users and assign them specific roles with defined permissions, ensuring users only see and access relevant features. 
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): RBAC ensures each user has a tailored experience based on their assigned role. This streamlines workflows and reduces confusion for your customers. 

Our Identity Management (IDM) system plays a central role in this process. IDM acts as the single source of truth for user information, ensuring seamless access and permission management throughout the onboarding journey.

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Beyond User Registration: The Bigger Picture of Onboarding

Onboarding goes beyond simply registering users. CUE Commerce ensures a smooth transition for your customers by providing:

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Access to Product Catalogs and Pricing: Customers can easily access custom catalogs and ensure they receive the correct pricing based on contracts and tiers.
24/7 Customer Self-Service: CUE Commerce empowers your customers to manage their accounts, add new users, and place orders independently, reducing reliance on your support team.
Increased Customer Satisfaction: A frustration-free onboarding experience gets your customers buying online sooner – and more often.
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A Frictionless Onboarding Journey for B2B Success

Building a strong foundation for your B2B customer relationships starts with a seamless onboarding experience. CUE Commerce offers comprehensive onboarding options designed to cater to the specific needs of your customers, ensuring a smooth transition that fosters engagement and long-term relationships.

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