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A Comprehensive UI Design System Engineered for the Enterprise

CUE Canvas 2.0 is the UI toolkit crafted for building high-quality enterprise applications.

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Design Faster, Adapt Sooner, and Iterate Smarter

CUE Canvas is a virtual toolbox of components that sets your digital solutions on the path to success. Whether you’re modernizing existing applications or setting a new brand standard, the combination of UI elements, prototypes, code snippets and documentation provide your business with everything needed to create modern, user-friendly applications – again and again.


CUE Canvas includes a curated collection of 1,000+ reusable UI components, design elements and usability best practices, from buttons and form fields to typography and table structure, to ensure consistency across your applications. And at the center of it is your brand identity.


CUE Canvas brings your concept to life. Except you don’t just see it; you experience it. Through a clickable prototype of your solution, you can validate processes, gain approvals (and confidence), or usability test to elicit feedback before coding even begins. 


CUE Canvas eliminates the disparity between design and development. Code for every UI component is provided and cataloged for easy reference, ensuring accuracy and quality.


CUE Canvas is your go-to resource for all your digital solutions. Manage design assets, documentation, and collaboration in one central hub. 

Level Up from Legacy to Leadership

Drive confidence in your digital transformation journey from the start with the design system tailored to the unique needs of your business. CUE Canvas enables:

Modernizing existing applications or enhance feature functionality

Collaboration between stakeholders, designers, and developers

Streamlining internal application development

Usability testing new process flows

Ensuring brand consistency

Expediting scale

Why invest in a CUE Canvas Design System?

From objectives and pain points to your existing infrastructure and processes – we provide an effective enterprise digital strategy, laying the groundwork for your company to:

Improve Quality & Consistency
Establish & Build Trust
Mitigate Risks with Predictable Outcomes
Iterate & Adapt Rapidly
Increase Development Efficiency

Design on Demand with Consistency

The CUE Canvas component library is an all-encompassing database of modern UI elements, usability best practices, and WCAG accessible designs.

Components & Variants
Design Tokens
UI Design Patterns
Form Variants
Native Mobile Application Components
Data Table Designs
Brand Color Variables
Prototype Demos

Light and Dark Mode for All Components

Laptop showing a sample CUE Canvas page with both light and dark mode elements.

Client Spotlight: ShopVue

Close up crop of the user interface from ShopVue applications.

Excellis delivered a modern, intuitive UI design for ShopVue's cutting-edge manufacturing execution system (MES) platform prioritizing the customer experience - conceptualized and user tested through CUE Canvas in a matter of days.

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