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Optimize Production, Maximize Efficiencies

Manufacturers manage intricate systems of inventory levels, production scheduling, and just-in-time deliveries where even one incorrect data point can derail an entire production run. Your business needs dependable digital solutions that streamline these processes and empower better decision-making – that's where CUE SaaS solutions come in. Experience the centralized digital platform that accelerates workflows – from forecasting to quality control – while reducing costs.

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Metal worker in a manufacturing setting using a metal press.

Power Up Your Manufacturing Operations

CUE Enterprise offers the back-office fundamentals your manufacturing business needs, simplifying inventory management, production and space planning, and forecasting without the challenges of other ERP solutions.  By seamlessly integrating into your existing databases, CUE Enterprise streamlines and optimizes:

Inventory Management: Track inventory levels in real-time from raw materials to finished goods, automate reordering and gain insights into demand trends. 
Production Scheduling: Schedule runs efficiently with inventory, forecast and lead time data. 
Space Planning: Maximize floor plans and warehouse schematics for better workflow and storage utilization.
Purchasing & Just-in-Time (JIT):  Secure materials at the right time and in the right quantities through CUE’s procurement module. 
Vendor Management:  Manage supplier relationships, track purchase orders, and automate invoicing processes.
Forecasting & Analytics: Generate accurate sales forecasts based on historical data and market trends, enabling proactive production planning.
Compliance & Security: Ensure adherence to industry regulations, like SoC 2, HIPAA, or cGMP, and protect sensitive data with CUE’s robust security features.
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Opportunities Actualized, Not Manufactured

The CUE Commerce ordering platform goes beyond efficiencies. It unlocks new ordering and customer opportunities for your manufacturing business, while solidifying your existing client relationships.

Warehouse manager in a warehouse looking at a work order.
Comprehensive Customer Self-Service: CUE Commerce provides a 24/7 ordering portal that empowers your clients to access real-time inventory data, track order status, and even initiate quotes independently.
Enhanced Quality Control with Traceability: Ensure the highest quality standards with CUE Commerce's robust lot traceability features. In the event of a recall, you can quickly identify and isolate affected products, minimizing disruptions.
Streamlined Complex Quoting: Say goodbye to cumbersome quoting processes. CUE Commerce simplifies manufacturing quotes, accelerating the sales cycle for both your team and your clients.
Enterprise System Integration: Have an existing ERP solution? No problem. CUE Commerce’s headless architecture flawlessly connects with your backend systems, providing a unified data flow.
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