Optimal Ordering

A Tailored Buying Experience Optimized by Design

Don't leave success to chance. CUE Commerce is built around ordering best practices – battle-tested methods proven to drive conversions. You define the ideal buying behavior and optimal outcomes for your customers, and CUE Commerce is optimized to get them there.

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A Fully Adaptive Ordering Solution for Every Customer

CUE Commerce isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It's a fully adaptive ecommerce platform that provides personalized buying journeys based on your customers' unique needs.

Lightning Fast Checkout For Repeat Customers?

CUE has you covered with Buy It Now

Step-By-Step Process for More Complex Orders?

Sequential screens ensure every detail and intuitively guide your users.

Order Approvals?

CUE provides flexibility to ensure complexities in the backend don’t hinder experiences for users in the front.

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Scripting Success: The Ultimate Buying Experience

CUE isn’t just an ordering portal; it enables optimal buying behavior by providing the ideal shopping experiences to get your customers buying faster, more often and for the foreseeable future. Enabling only those ordering options that align with your business outcomes, CUE Commerce offers:

Quick Order and Buy Now Buttons: Perfect for impulse purchases and repeat buyers.
Frequently Bought Products: Show users what they buy most right away.
Guest Checkout: Allow one and done selling options for one-time buyers.
Recurring Orders and Order Templates:  Streamline repurchasing for your heavy users.
Upsell and Cross-Sell Suggestions:  Help customers discover new products.
Multiple Payment Options: Provide flexibility with options like POs and credit cards.
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Craft the Perfect Buying Journey with CUE Commerce

Don't settle for a generic ordering experience. Implement the B2B ecommerce platform built around desired outcomes. Based on your ideal customer journey, CUE Commerce will seamlessly guide them to purchase.

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