3 Ways to Improve Productivity through the HANA Cloud Platform

There is often a discrepancy between IT investment and productivity: more money spent doesn’t always correspond with greater productivity. However, cloud services, like SAP HANA Cloud Platform, are helping companies get the most of their IT investment. Here are just three ways the HANA Cloud Platform can help boost productivity at your business.

Cost and benefit

The easiest way to measure a productivity boost? Compare how much you’re spending on IT to the return on investment (ROI). If you’re getting out more than you’re putting in, it’s a safe bet you’ve made the right choice. Unfortunately, IT tools often come with big price tags and a host of dependencies — if your enterprise doesn’t make best use of this purchased technology, ROI becomes almost impossible.

Cloud deployments are often positioned as the easy answer to this conundrum: pay for only what you need, use it for a specific purpose and there’s no “wasted” productivity. However, the costs can still be considerable.

So where’s the real productivity boost? Flexibility. By giving end-users access to what they need when they need it, you eliminate unproductive downtime spent trying to find the right program, download the right plug-in or access the right service. Implemented well, cloud deployments made it appear as though an enterprise is operating as normal. In fact, productivity gets a significant boost.

Keep the core

Another way to boost productivity with the cloud is by outsourcing non-core business functions. These could include email services, telecommunication solutions or even social media tools. What can be done in-house for a variable cost can often be done at a fraction of the price off-premises. Bottom line? You spend less time on maintenance and repair and more time calling, emailing or posting.

Reliability is also greater in the cloud. With non-core functions safe, secure and accessible in the cloud, IT admins can focus on core systems development and revision, boosting overall productivity.

Economics of scale

Want more compute power? Scaling up in the cloud is easy: use what you need and then pay for it. No installation, no inter-interoperability issues - just spinning up new resources on demand.

This scale also works in reverse. Don’t need as much power this month because an office is closing or moving? Scale back and you won’t waste money.

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