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Randall Rivera, VP of Application Development, Celebrates 10 Years with Excellis Interactive

This month, Randall Rivera, the VP of Application Development, is celebrating 10 years with Excellis Interactive. Randall has been an integral part of our team throughout the years. His passion for his clients, technically advanced skill set, and mastery of developing software applications are just a few of the things that make him an invaluable asset to our company.

A Decade of Excellence

Wayne Semisch, President and CEO of Excellis Interactive, says it best: “Under Randall’s leadership, Excellis has delivered over 100 solutions to clients, built a robust offshore presence, redefined our go to market delivery strategy saving clients valuable time and money, and architectured our CUE software suite.

He has been an amazing partner inside the firm always bringing a “can do” attitude to some of the most difficult engagements. He is a true technology leader and professional through and through.”

When asked to share his experience working with Randall, Pete Lagana, Senior VP and CTO of Excellis, said: “Randall has been a key leader for Excellis and has helped to deliver many key solutions to our clients. As VP of Application Development, Randall has taken on the role of bridging the technology gap during many of our projects and implementations.

He is not just a technical thought leader and delivery expert, he understands how to talk with clients and build strong relationships with people which is the key to success.

I always enjoy our conversations as they tend to ebb and flow anywhere between jumping into the weeds of deep technical detail to high-level strategic architecture-based discussions. Whatever the topic may be, Randall can handle it and has done so very capably in all of my interactions with him. I have no doubt that this will be the case moving forward.”

Fun Fact: Travel Ban Instated for Randall

While Randall has proven himself time and time again professionally, his traveling accolades aren’t sung with such a merry tune. The running joke at Excellis is that every time Randall travels, there is an extra challenge to overcome. Whether it’s due to flight delays, car rental mishaps, or rerouted trips, Randall seems to bring a bit of bad travel luck on company trips.

In 2018 on a return trip from Atlanta, the escalator stopped working as soon as Randall approached it. This led to him and his coworkers carrying their luggage down a long flight of stairs.

Don’t worry Randall, we still love you! We just won’t travel with you anymore.

Here's to the next 10 years, Randall!

Join us in celebrating Randall and his dedication to delivering excellence in everything he does. Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Randall!

We build long-term relationships with our clients. Let’s get ours started.

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