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User interface designer working with CUE Canvas

Empower your team to innovate faster and smarter

Excellis Interactive is a partner invested in your success, providing strategic, design and development services to help navigate the next steps in your digital transformation journey.

And that’s jump started with the CUE Canvas design system, a highly efficient digital toolkit that offers the flexibility to adapt to your future business needs.

What is CUE Canvas?

CUE Canvas is a UI design system for crafting modern, user-friendly applications in the enterprise. Whether you're revamping existing applications or establishing a brand-new design standard, CUE Canvas brings together usability and design best practices, from UI components and code snippets to prototypes and comprehensive documentation, to fast track your digital transformation – efficiently and consistently.

UX/UI Component Library
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Why invest in CUE Canvas design system services?

If your company is looking to:

Undertake digital transformation initiatives.
Improve user experiences across your digital initiatives based around established buyer behaviors.
Expand your digital footprint without in-house designers and/or developers.
Optimize development workflows and reduce costs.
A conceptual digital design of a UI designer using a digital pencil  on a clear screen.
Cropped screenshot of varied CUE Canvas design system components in Figma.
Then you want to partner with the usability and enterprise experts who will establish your brand identity and fast track your path to success.

Excellis Interactive delivers predictable and long-lasting results leveraging CUE Canvas:
Streamlined development processes
Faster time-to-market
Cost savings
Consistent and coherent UX across your existing and future digital assets
Greater scalability
Inherent accessibility with WCAG-compliant designs

Build exceptional user experiences, repeatedly.

The CUE Canvas design system streamlines design processes, ensuring consistent and highly adoptable experiences across your digital solutions. Take that foundational tool one step further by partnering with the usability and enterprise experts who expedite testing and validation of prototypes, minimize development spend, and ensure a smooth and consistent use experience from concept to code.

Our CUE Canvas design system services provide:

Reduced Risk & Increased User Adoption

Test and validate prototypes with users, reducing the risk of building something your users won't like or use and increasing the chance of successful adoption.

Improved Efficiency

CUE Canvas comes with pre-built components and guidelines, saving significant time and effort, so your business can focus on innovation rather than reinventing the wheel.

Minimized Development Costs

Invest in high-quality solutions rather than spending unnecessary development dollars on untested processes and applications that won’t meet your user (and stakeholder) expectations.

Scalability & Cost-Effectiveness

As your digital footprint grows, CUE Canvas easily adapts and grows with your applications, eliminating the need to build from scratch for each project and reducing overall costs.

Stakeholder Buy-in

Gain early approval from stakeholders by showcasing a clear vision of your final product or solution. 

Long-Term Value

CUE Canvas is an investment that pays off over time. It ensures consistency, reduces maintenance costs, and streamlines future development efforts.

Enhanced Brand Trust

Build trust with your users by establishing expectations when interacting with your brand.

Example of CUE Canvas Design System documentation.

Why Excellis Interactive?

Let the usability experts at Excellis fuel your digital evolution with CUE Canvas design system services. CUE Canvas provides the foundation for your identity while empowering your business to create high-quality, user-focused applications on the fly or over time.

By choosing Excellis, you gain a strategic partner who ignites innovation, elevates user experience, and drives long-term success – all through a customized design system built around your brand – CUE Canvas.  

We build long-term relationships with our clients. Let’s get ours started.

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